Mary Holroyd, Founder and CEO of Weigh-Less.


Mary Holroyd founded Weigh-Less in 1975, envisioning all the values and support that she wanted to receive as an overweight person. The vision was to create an environment where Members could go, and feel secure and supported on their journey to Goal Weight. The idea would be to have Groups, led by former overweight people who had empathy, and could support the Members both individually, and as a Group. These are the foundations upon which Weigh-Less was built – the Weigh-Less trilogy – the Group experience, the Group Leader and the Weight Management Programme, with the Member in the middle. Once you join Weigh-Less, your challenge becomes our challenge, and your success, our success!

Since Weigh-Less’ inception in 1975, our mission statement has remained for every member to attain and maintain their ideal weight the healthy way. We have assisted hundreds and thousands of people of all ages to lose weight successfully. We not only help members to reach your Goal Weight, but we also teach our members how to maintain their ideal weight for the rest of their life.

Our Eating Plan is based on prudent dietary principles and we show Members how to tailor their weight management programme to suit individual needs, taking cognizance of lifestyle, culture and social behavior, as well as food preferences. We incorporate information on the importance of complex carbohydrates, low-fat high-quality proteins and dairy and the need for healthy fats from nuts, seeds, and oils. The credibility of the Weigh-Less brand is such that everything compiled in food lists, menu plans and all material given is done under strict dietary guidelines and principals in conjunction with dietitians and the medical fraternity.


Your Group Leader

The Weigh-Less Groups are hosted by former overweight Members called Group Leaders. Your Group Leader is your mentor – someone who has gained wisdom from past experiences and who guides you to make the best decisions on your weight loss journey. They will not only teach you the principals of healthy weight loss, but will also demonstrate how you can manage yourself in all situations and incorporate the Weigh-Less principles into your lifestyle.

Your Group Experience

The in-Group experience is where you’ll find bucket loads of motivation on your journey to Goal Weight. Held once a week, your Group offers you three vital tools to keeping to your Eating Plan. The first is your Group Leader, who understands what you are going through and has a wealth of sound knowledge to assist you. The second is your fellow Members, who are also trying to retake their health and wellness. Share with them, and they will share with you. The third vital tool is the scale which might seem scary at first, but is necessary to keep track of your weight losses along the way. Your Group allows you to hold yourself accountable to others, and we at Weigh-Less encourage our Members to attend Group every week.

Your Eating Plan

Weigh-Less is a recognized endorsement entity by the South African Department of Health, thus we can offer you surety and peace of mind that the food choices your Group Leader advises you on follow strict prudent dietary guidelines. These food choices are also put together specifically with you, and your individual needs in mind. Everything compiled in Food Lists, Menu Plans, and all other material is done under strict dietary guidelines and principles.